Impact Sourcing

Our mission is to leverage the digital economy to provide young people across Africa with technical skills and decent work.

Our vision is to create a better future for young people across Africa by providing them with employment opportunities.

What We Do

We provide IT and back office outsourced services to small and medium enterprises primarily in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Industry.

We bring accountability and boldness to Business Process Outsourcing while helping customers achieve better results in non core functions and improve efficiency.

Why We Exist!

  • About 1.8 billion young people can’t get a formal job and many can’t access higher education.
  • Africa will soon have the largest workforce on earth, but not enough jobs for young people.
  • 80% of Africa’s young workers don’t get a regular paycheck.
  • Africa has enormous human capital which is largely untapped.

As a company, our training process is decidedly practical. We have developed a process that allows us to ensure accuracy and deliver results in record time for our clients.

Our Value Proposition

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